Power Management, Batteries, and DC Converters

OEM Designs $15

OEM applications require specific functions and low cost solutions. Index Designs provides custom software, circuits, and magnetic components which can significantly reduce cost and size of OEM products.

While "Off the Shelf" products are great for short run production or engineering applications they prohibitively expensive for larger volume use. OEM customers can significantly reduce costs by merging Battery Boss circuits and software into application PCBs. Charger/Regulator systems can be implemented on user PCBs for under $15 cost using our custom components and software.

Index Designs has over 20 years of power supply design experience along with the tools to construct proto-type components. We can configure custom solutions for:

  • Battery Packs for Size and Chemistry
  • Custom Magnetic Components
  • Software for Application Specific IO
  • Connectors and Mounting Hardware

Standard Product

Battery Boss hardware products cover a wide range of power requirements. Models are available between 10 and 200 watts using flyback, forward and push pull power converters. Various standard models are available providing multiple output voltages and charging capabilities. A number of OEM versions exist with an array of application specific options.

In addition to Battery Boss controllers Index Designs provides standard and custom battery packs. Prototype packs can be quickly designed and assembled for any application.

10W Regulator & Charger. Low cost 2 x 2 inch PCB.
25W Regulator & Charger with Common Mode Chokes.
75W Regulator & 4 Amp charger wide input range.
30W Regulator (+5,+3.3)
Simple Resistive Charger.
OEM Chargers, Regulators & Cross Over Switch.


Power management software from Index Designs monitors and controls all aspects of charging, discharge, power conversion and battery protection. Temperature sensors adjust battery operating points between -40°C to +80°C using table driven parameters based on battery chemistry, size and charger currents. Embedded applications benefit from features such as timed Wake Up, Watch Dog Timer, Digital IO and Analog to Digital conversion

Nano Power processors from MicroChip coupled with custom magnetic components and battery packs provide reliable power management in low cost platforms. No other vendor provides such complete integration in a low cost OEM product.

See: Index Designs Technology Overview

No other company has engineered small battery control systems to the level as has Index Designs. Some vendors wrap batteries, some configure existing chargers but Index Designs integrates all these functions into both low cost OEM and standard products.