OEM Solutions

Standard products simplify the design and implementation of battery powered system but standard products also incorporate the cost of separately manufactured modules. For large volume applications Index Designs can provide the designs and basic components required for low cost solutions. When OEM customer place Index Designs designs and components into their PCB designs the total cost is significant reduced.

Our extensive software library which compiles and executes on low cost PIC series processor makes the Battery Boss the lowest cost OEM platform available. While many operating options can be configured in existing EEPROM tables new features and application logic can be incorporated into PIC software. Communication options include SPI, I2C, RS-232 and simple parallel bits.

Index Designs has extensive design experience with many power supply and battery charging applications. Our experience in these areas can significantly reduce the costs, time and risks associated with power system design.

Index Designs has a complete infrastructure for engineering support. Schematic design, PCB design, battery tab welding, inductor design and prototype transformer winding are example of how we can support OEM engineering staff.

While sample components and battery packs are made at Index Designs large quantity builds are supported using off shore providers. Index Designs stocks many of the common components an OEM might use and custom components can be easily produced at low cost.

Battery Packs

Battery packs are equipped with protection devices and thermistors. Operation from -40°C to 80°C requires the E-Fuse module for wide temperature range operation and protection.

Standard Battery Configurations


Series of 8 size AA NiCd cells 9.6 Volt 700 mahr


Series of 8 size F NiCd cells. 9.6V 7000 mahr.
Size: 5x2.5x4 inch.


Series of 8 size AA NiH cells. 9.6 Volt 1500mahr

NH8S-3200 Series of 8 size 4/3A NiH cells. 9.6V 3200 mahr.
Size: 5.5x2.7x.8 inch


Series of 10 D Sized NiH cells. 12V 8000 mahr.

Index Designs can provide custom configurations, welded tabs and various protection networks. Thermistors, circuits breakers and thermal cutouts can easily be added to custom battery packs. Internal temperature chambers allow testing and verification of batteries and products over extended temperatures.

No other battery pack provider provides this level of engineering knowledge and customer support. Many companies can "Glue and Wrap" batteries but none include the engineering experience and technical knowledge found at Index Designs.

Battery Controllers

Data sheets for standard off the shelf items are show below.

All Battery Boss products are software based power control engines. Most share the common features of Watch Dog Timer, Real Time Clock, thermal management, battery and load cutouts and software configuration.

The BB10A and BB25 are small converters with voltage limited constant current chargers. Internal software supports a temperature range of -40°C to 80°C. Protection logic prevents battery damage during both charge and dischard.

BBURC is a low cost unit which provides higher current output. Low cost is achieved through use of an external charge control power resistor.

BBUC75 is a advanced unit with a front end 75 watt power converter. In the BBUC-FS this same converter supports high power charging while a FET switch network switches load power between the battery and input source.

Index Designs also provides several specialized components associated with power supply and charger construction. Transformers and inductors used in Battery Boss product have been custom designed for size and performance. Heat sinks and ceramic mounting/insulating carriers are examples of items available from Index Designs. These specialized components are available for OEM customer applications.