Unique Technologies: Battery, Software & Magnetics

Magnetic Design

Magnetic design skills are crucial for the implementation of power supply and battery charger circuits. Despite this importance few designers work with or fully understand the design of magnetic components. At Index Designs we design various custom magnetic components from inductors to transformers for use in flyback, forward, push pull, Cuk and SEPIC converters. .

In house prototype winding equipment and supplies allow us to quickly design, construct and evaluate magnetic components. Off shore vendors provide low cost components for use in OEM applications. Using various sized vendors around the world custom components can be produced in times as short as 2 weeks.

Common parts are maintained as stock items. Using these stocked items a smaller OEMs can use custom designs without large purchases.

Software IP

Without software hardware just gets warm. Index Designs has over 20 years of experience with PIC processors and embedded designs. When this software experience is merged with magnetic design and battery experience the resulting technology is unique in the industry.

Our software experience is available as both low cost "Off the Shelf" standard products or as pre-programmed components for OEM applications. Standard products can address a large number of applications while OEM product address special requirements and large volume applications.

The integration of our software into OEM designs can be accomplished using either Index Design or customer personnel. Assistance in the form or design requirements, implementation and PCB will significantly reduce the NRE associated with OEM integration projects.

Battery Chemistry

No electrical component has more non-linear operating parameters than a electrochemical storage cell. Variations over load, temperature and time have a drastic impact on operating requirements and cell life. Index Designs has unique experience with battery charging over temperature extremes and operation with various loads. Software and hardware solutions are available for various battery chemistries in various cell capacities. These chemistries include:

  • Nickel Cadmium NiCd
  • Nickel Metal, Hydride NiH
  • Lithium Ion and Lithium Phosphate
  • Lead Acid Flooded, Gel and AGP

Index Designs provides support when new battery packs are required. In house prototypes can quickly support engineering requirements while off shore vendors provide low cost production.